The Delanese Method ™

LIKE A GPS, THE DELANESE METHOD™  takes you from where you are in life, and guides you toward where you want to be: Your Dream Life!

Don’t Settle For Less

Are You Aware of Your Life Balance?

How satisfied are you in different areas of your life?

Consider aspects such as finances, wealth, relationships, health, religion, family, and all other pertinent areas.

An Impossible Dream?

Do you dream about something other than the safe and desirable job?

An Abundant Life

It is your life and only you define how you want to live it! What are you looking for?

The Mindset

Knowing yourself and identifying your strengths.

You have what it takes.


“In The Delanese Method, Roberto Delanese shares lessons from his own life and learnings from others along the way to create a practical and simple path for anyone at any age to create the life they desire.”

Lisa Mazzoni – Executive Director at Kite Pharma


“Move over The Secret!

This book The Delanese Method™ walks the reader step-by-step through the process of concretizing one’s wants. The Delanese Method™ is a coach and a workbook all in one.”

Rossina S. Gil – Manager Partner, Corporate Looking Glass

The Process

Key Takeaways


I am grateful to my father, who in his way taught me the importance of hard work, focus, dedication, concentration, honesty, and caring. I am grateful to my mother for believing that I should pursue my goal and for providing positive reinforcement.


Abundance is a fluid concept; it constantly changes and evolves along with our growth. As we climb a mountain, we become aware of new surroundings, challenges, and possibilities. As you achieve your dreams, you realize that you have the potential to grow much further in all areas of your life.


Affirmations are the most effective way to upgrade our belief systems; they are statements that represent the new beliefs that we want to incorporate into our subconscious to become a part of our belief systems!

“…when you decide what you want out of life, use his Method and you will attain it.”

Luciana Rubinho – IT Leader – Brazil

“…This book delivers by being pragmatic and approachable backed up by tangible actions – just like Roberto himself! …”

Chris Horan – Business Leader – USA

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