The Delanese Method™

“Roberto Delanese writes an excellent book for those who want to stop being a consequence of their fate and start taking control of their lives through the power of sheer will and the law of manifestation. This book serves as a guide to those who want to live life uninhibited and reach their fullest potential.”

Peggy McColl – New York Times bestselling author


The Delanese Method™ is how to achieve something rare – to live your dream life! Roberto Delanese’s optimistic energy flows from the pages and fills your heart and mind with positivity and clarity. The main takeaway from the message is that you can achieve prosperity and abundance in any area of your life; he shows you how.

While serving as an executive in global corporations, Delanese has spent his life motivating others to find the best versions of themselves. He has developed what is now a proven method delivering solid and sustained results. This same method brought him from a poor town in Brazil, to succeed and enjoy happiness, prosperity, and abundance
in America.

The Delanese Method™ is designed with part self-illustration, part workbook, and part coaching to help readers move towards accomplishing their most fervent goals in life. His executive acuity and natural coaching skills move readers to adopt the champion’s mindset at every fork in the metaphorical road.


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Also buy the ACTIVITIES book for other family members to do the exercises or if you are reading in the e-book or audiobook format. Performing the exercises is fundamental to achieving results.

LIKE A GPS, THE DELANESE METHOD™  takes you from where you are in life, and guides you toward where you want to be: Your Dream Life!


“I am amazed! The Delanese Method™ is very concise, practical, and on-point. In the distractive and noisy times we are living in, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve their goals and improve their lives”

Danielle Martins –Branding Strategist – Portugal
International bestselling author of Rising Up From Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

The Process

Key Takeaways


I am grateful to my father, who in his way taught me the importance of hard work, focus, dedication, concentration, honesty, and caring. I am grateful to my mother for believing that I should pursue my goal and for providing positive reinforcement.


Abundance is a fluid concept; it constantly changes and evolves along with our growth. As we climb a mountain, we become aware of new surroundings, challenges, and possibilities. As you achieve your dreams, you realize that you have the potential to grow much further in all areas of your life.


Affirmations are the most effective way to upgrade our belief systems; they are statements that represent the new beliefs that we want to incorporate into our subconscious to become a part of our belief systems!