“Roberto Delanese writes an excellent book for those who want to stop being a consequence of their fate and start taking control of their lives through the power of sheer will and the law of manifestation. This book serves as a guide to those who want to live life uninhibited and reach their fullest potential.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times bestselling author


“Move over The Secret! This book The Delanese Method™ walks the reader step-by-step through the process of concretizing one’s wants. The Delanese Method™ is a coach and a workbook all in one. The author uses his personal and professional life experience to demonstrate how to make goals come to fruition. If ever there was a book on How to Live Life, this is it!”

Rossina S. Gil – Manager Partner, Corporate Looking Glass – USA      


“Sharing lessons from real scenarios in his life, Roberto Delanese is able to captivate his audience from the get-go, providing valuable insight and realistic setting of goals to achieve the best outcome. Focusing greatly on mindset, this book teaches readers how to focus on personal growth and overcome, as well as embrace adversity.”

Judy O’Beirn
CEO and Founder of Hasmark Publishing International


“The book is clear, concise, meaningful, helpful! One of those books that force you to see things from a different point of view and whisper in the ear of your soul that you can change attitude towards life!”

Laura Marino
President, Cito Disco – Italy


“I am amazed! The Delanese Methodis very concise, practical, and on-point. In the distractive and noisy times, we are living in, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve their goals and improve their lives.”

Danielle Martins
Branding Strategist – Portugal International bestselling author of Rising Up From Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential


“I loved this book! It offers a myriad of valuable coaching advice, a very practical approach on how to achieve your goals, and a very easy to use workbook. More importantly, Roberto Delanese touches his readers with his vulnerability and his willingness to share his personal experiences. The authenticity that comes out of this book makes anyone believe that they indeed can overcome any challenge and better their lives by following The Delanese Method.”

Gisele Maxwell
International bestselling author of Free and Rich Beyond Wealthy


“This is a book that helps the reader walk through their own personal existential journey. In a world of how to guides—from visual YouTube videos to a myriad of authority experts—Roberto offers a guide that is both easy and hard. One can breeze through the book in one sitting and miss its value altogether. It is the “assignments” at the end of each chapter that require some pause and honest reflection. I have known Roberto during his own journey to abundance and admired the ease with which he has been able to connect with people. His quiet dignity, peppered with a good sense of humor and a ready willingness to help, always made him a desired leader and colleague. This book is a compilation of Roberto’s own lessons, and he continues to share and help others as he has always been known to do.”

Mary-Lou Quinto – President and CEO, Beta Nanocoating Philippines – Philippines


“I strongly recommend this book to anyone wanting to change their lives but are not sure where to begin. It is concise, to the point, and summarizes many important lessons. This book will certainly allow many more people to benefit from Roberto´s mentorship skills. Working with Roberto, it struck me how human he is and I was moved by his deep and honest interest in people. He has formed great teams and was always looking for ways to guide us to deliver our greatest potential.”

Paulina Luissi – Supply Chain Partner – Uruguay


“I have had the privilege of working directly with Roberto since 2005, when by example, he showed me what servant leadership looked like in practice. The first thing I noticed was Roberto’s voice – his hushed tones and soft-spoken nature required me to lean in to hear him, the wisdom of what he had to say always made me glad I did. Roberto’s voice represents his nature – he is humble, insightful, quietly confident, and incredibly generous in spirit.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this playbook. Roberto has captured the essence of his personal journey that formed an innately effective leadership style. This book delivers by being pragmatic and approachable backed up by tangible actions – just like Roberto himself! This is not a surprise, as Roberto is also an extraordinary mentor, coach and teacher. I personally know many former colleagues who count Roberto as one of the most influential leaders of their careers. Living the principles in this book, Roberto has compounded his positive impact by developing talented leaders across the globe. Truly an abundance mindset in practice, with a career’s worth of achievement to back it up. Thank you, Roberto, for codifying the wisdom of your experience – I believe this book will further multiply the positive impact you have had on so many careers.”

Chris Horan – Business Leader – USA


“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to know and work closely with Roberto. He is a great coach, manager, and friend. His teachings helped me to change my status quo. If I had the power to clone someone, Roberto would be the one. Thank you for becoming a part of my life! His new book, The Delanese Method, will help you to achieve your goals. The best way to be inspired is to learn from real case examples. Roberto is a great example of how, when you decide what you want out of life, use his Method and you will attain it.”

Luciana Rubinho – IT Leader – Brazil


“In The Delanese Method, Roberto Delanese shares lessons from his own life and learnings from others along the way to create a practical and simple path for anyone at any age to create the life they desire. I’ve known Roberto for over a decade, and he’s always been a source of inspiration. He is the kind of leader who is generous with his time—helping people develop themselves, improve their performance, or work through tough problems. His advice is full of positivity, and reading The Delanese Method™ is like having your most encouraging friend available to you at all times.”

Lisa Mazzoni – Executive Director at Kite Pharma – United States


“Having the chance to work with Roberto is like having a magic wand. I met him and immediately decided I wanted to work for him. It didn’t really matter in what capacity—I just knew that he was one of those people you cannot pass by. I learned so much and became a better and braver person during my years working with him. In fact, he helped me make the best decision of my life. I will always be grateful to Roberto; I am where I am today because of him.”

Victoria Dogliotti – Business Professional – Singapore/Switzerland


“There are special people who manage to enter our hearts and turn our dreams into reality. Everything is possible if we just believe. Roberto proves this in his book through simple and dynamic language, full of precious tips and information that will lead you to full professional, personal, and affective success. Get this book—it delivers!”

Sueli Cocate Fratini – President, Animal Protection Association – Brazil


“Roberto was my mentor and gave me the best possible advice during a period when I went through major life changes. He shared with me the following words: “You are worth it!” It is a short phrase, but it was so meaningful to me; he inspired me. It proved to be a turning point where I began believing in myself and finding success.”

Karina Lauret – Business Professional – Reunion Island (France)


“In this book, Roberto shares with us his amazing personal experience. Starting with him as a little boy and how he followed his dreams, on a journey with successes, errors, and learnings. His engineering background, plus his rich experience and willingness to help people, made it possible to have this must-read book, with clear tools and messages, that will help us to define and follow our dreams and reach an abundant life!”

Francisco Barriola – Business Leader – Uruguay


“Roberto has always achieved his life goals and objectives, finding positive ways to eliminate barriers that we all face when trying to improve our lives. The son of a railroad mechanic in Brazil, he became a successful engineer and executive, living a life of abundance in the USA. I am convinced that if you follow his simple and practical principles detailed in this book, you will certainly achieve a life of success and prosperity, as many already have.”

Eda Disnan – Animal Protection Volunteer – Brazil


“Unlock your potential to live your best life with this down-to-earth and non-preachy style book that is based on reflections and wisdom of the author’s well-lived life”.


Teresa Christensen – Director, Global Distribution – USA