ROBERTO DELANESE has over forty years of leadership experience with globally recognized companies and in leading, coaching, mentoring, and inspiring teams and individuals to deliver business results while also achieving their personal goals and dreams. He has also facilitated public personal achievement and personal empowerment seminars and workshops.

Roberto holds a Bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, completed multiple executive development programs in business administration and information technology, and is a certified Empowerment Seminar Facilitator, coach, and mentor. He’s been a university professor and entrepreneur, and has traveled to over thirty countries.

Having reached his life of abundance, he decided to help others succeed and reach their goals and dreams by sharing “THE DELANESE METHOD™”, a personal system of tools, principles, and techniques he has used and refined over the years to develop others, with proven results.

Roberto is a proud father of two sons and lives in Las Vegas, NV, USA, where he trades in the stock market, enjoys swimming, traveling, reading, and focusing on further becoming a better person while educating and inspiring people to achieve excellence. He speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and is now learning Italian.

“I worked with Roberto for several years in a multinational corporation in Uruguay. While there, I admired his gift for sharing his knowledge, know-how, and life experience with younger colleagues. It was wonderful to see the positive response and evolution of those colleagues. I also admired Roberto’s humble personality and his tenacity for finding solutions. Indeed, there was no headwind or adversity Roberto did not accept and respond to in a positive manner.”

Ernst Lutz – Business Leader – Germany


“Roberto Delanese was an excellent mentor for me in my career when I had the opportunity to work with him. What I appreciate the most is his honesty. He encouraged me to work towards my career aspirations and offered his guidance on how I can achieve my professional goals. I will always be truly grateful for his advice, help, and support.”

Deborah Moy – Trade Compliance and Operations – USA

“Roberto and I started working for Genentech on the same day as two of the four leaders of Supply Chain Management for the first biotech company in the world. During those first several months, I was thoroughly impressed with Roberto’s uncanny way of always seeing the correct answer, no matter how many clouds or obstacles were placed in his way. When I left Genentech, I knew I was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside a true Servant Leader. Roberto knew that for his team to succeed, which they did, he needed to support them and help them achieve their individual goals, as well as the goals of the company. After reading the draft of Roberto’s book, I know I will learn a lot from my friend’s insight. I believe you will too.”

Frank Hathaway – Board President, Waste Not Our Communicities – United States


“Roberto is a person who does not go unnoticed in anyone’s life. Since my first contact with him, for strictly professional reasons, he was practical, efficient, and extremely helpful in building technical material on a project he was part of (at the time, he worked for one of the global companies he mentions in the book). I worked at a partner company, so he had no obligation to develop something, he was remarkably busy and could have delegated it to one of his employees, but no. Since then, I changed companies twice after meeting him, we always kept working together and it is fascinating how we went from professional colleagues to, what I consider him, a friend. Roberto, became for me, practically a mentor. It is amazing how there is not a single time that I talk to him, and my mood changes, my thinking takes a leap for some years ahead and I resolve something that is “tangled” momentarily. I always try to make the most of my friendship with Roberto (even in times of a pandemic or occupations like the birth of my daughter or my current job), because I see him as a person besides the mentor and friend, a human being who adds value wherever he goes. I’m really looking forward to reading the next volumes of his books!”

Patricia Amaral Okumura – Business Leader – Brazil

“I’ve known Roberto since 1999 when I hired him at Schick/Wilkinson Sword (Pfizer). Roberto joined the organization and quickly gained credibility as a leader implementing manufacturing and supply chain systems within the company. Later, he joined my team at American Standard as Production Planning Director where he installed new business processes and systems into a deficient, 100-year-old company. I always had confidence in Roberto’s ability to work with all levels of the organization, drive positive change, and to meet established goals. Roberto was always an asset to the team, and it has been a pleasure knowing him.”

Dave Steinmetz – Business Leader – United States


“Roberto’s book is clear and concise. It will help those who read it and digest it toward better management of their own life and career, as well as to help other people; those they manage and lead. I commend Roberto for writing this book, that I will use it as a primer for my own self-improvement. I have known Roberto for fifteen years. We worked side by side for six years with our office at Genentech being next to each other. Roberto proved himself to be a very capable manager and excelled in his job of leading complex supply chains in the highly regulated Biopharma industry. Roberto is analytical, yet is compassionate, and is very approachable. This made him an excellent leader of teams of people with different skills and heavily specialized disciplines.”

Lindsay Leveen – The Green Machine – USA

The Process

Key Takeaways


I am grateful to my father, who in his way taught me the importance of hard work, focus, dedication, concentration, honesty, and caring. I am grateful to my mother for believing that I should pursue my goal and for providing positive reinforcement.


Abundance is a fluid concept; it constantly changes and evolves along with our growth. As we climb a mountain, we become aware of new surroundings, challenges, and possibilities. As you achieve your dreams, you realize that you have the potential to grow much further in all areas of your life.


Affirmations are the most effective way to upgrade our belief systems; they are statements that represent the new beliefs that we want to incorporate into our subconscious to become a part of our belief systems!