Coaching Disclaimer

  • Guarantee: In coaching and consulting relationships, there are no refunds because once we spend our time with you we can’t get it back, and results are dependent on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work. Our goal for this program is to coach you to elaborate a roadmap and an action plan that prepares you to compete to the position you desire when available. Nevertheless, if you attend all sessions, and prepare all assignments and aren’t thrilled with the value because an important area was not properly covered by the program, let’s know, up to three days after your last session, and we will add an extra free coaching session to address it.
  • Bonuses 1 – We know after each call you may have questions or need help to complete assignments; so besides the coaching calls you can ask questions or ask for clarification anytime you need through WhatsApp, email or text. This is a priceless bonuses as personal coaches are not normally available to provide support besides the regular coaching hours.
  • Bonuses 2 – Our program is supposed to be offered to a group of people simultaneously, what limits how much personalization can be given to each person. But in this introductory offer, we are making the exception of personal coaching, allowing full time coaching directed to your needs only. That is why we need to limit to only 10 people. To take advantage of this one-time benefit of having a dedicated coach, we do recommend you sign now to reserve your spot. The program includes zoom calls of 60 minutes each, once a week for six weeks.
  • Bonuses 3 – We are also giving you flexibility on when to start the sessions; you can choose any day after January 10th, 2022 to start, and preferably before January 31st.