Traveling alone in a long journey can be fun; but chances are that your trip can be even more rewarding if you have a great companion with whom you can share beautiful and exciting moments, validate ideas, choices, and count on some motivation when struggling. It can turn a nice trip into a memorable one.

The same applies to your journey towards your goals and dreams.

You may be able to focus and take all required actions by yourself, and move all the way to the finish line, achieving your goal. Nevertheless, it is important to consider that as you move toward the realization of a goal, it is highly likely that you will face obstacles and challenges. Those are the main reason that people give up on their dreams or settle for much less than what they planned for, or what they really deserve.

After you have mastered techniques to overcome challenges and obstacles you are better prepared to overcome those challenges, but initially, when planning to achieve a major goal or a dream, it is wise to find someone to ride along with you. 

Before you start your journey toward a major goal or dream, you should consider identifying a couple of people that share and support your ideas and enlist them as your support system.

They are not there to take actions for you, their mission is to help you when you hit obstacles, when things are not going accordingly to plan, or just go wrong. They are there to motivate, support, and provide positive reinforcement to you all the way to the successful achievement of your goal.

The challenge is how to find them!

If you already have someone in your life who believes in you, who believes you can achieve your dreams or goals, then you are fortunate; those are the people you are looking for.

If you do not have strong supporters right now, the best way to identify them is to superficially mention your goal to friends, family, colleagues, and watch their reaction.

Some will laugh, or be negative, or may not care. Others may lighten up to the idea; they will be supportive, they will say that it is a great idea, that you should do it. Their body language can tell you if they mean it; they are happy, relaxed, enthusiastic for you. Those are the ones you can give more details about your plan or dream, and if they maintain the same positive attitude, you should ask them if you can come back from time to time to talk to them about your goal.

They will become your support system.

It is important that they know that you are not asking them to validate your dream or choices, you do not have to explain why you want to achieve this goal, you just need someone to support and motivate you along the way.

Find at least two or three supportive people before you start your next initiative, major goals or dreams.

They will provide you with the motivation, focus, and reinforcement you need to overcome the obstacles you will face in your journey toward your goals.

One last point to consider, if you do not have any supportive people around you, enlist the support of a mentor to be your support system. Mentors can see you with a larger potential than you can, and they are a great source of motivation and reinforcement. You can have a mentor even when you already have a few people enlisted as support, because they all bring different skills and experiences to help you out.

Having them by your side, is priceless; it could be the difference between achieving or not a dream. It is worth the time and effort to find them.

May the journey toward your dream be filled with memorable moments.                                                                                                                                      

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